Magnetic Filtration Installation in Westbourne

When it comes to investing in central heating, quality is key. There are many types of boiler available on the market plus there are many branded and non-branded parts that can end up in your system. Before installing a magnetic filter, we need to be sure that it’s compatible with your system. Each boiler and system will have different requirements.  Because of this, a magnetic filter is designed for specific systems and makes of boilers. Contact our Westbourne branch advice. Power flushing is a great process that can be used for various systems. It's been used successfully in industrial components, such as pumps and valve assemblies, as well as in commercial airline engines. The process is basically the same with each application.Cleaning your heating system should always start with you having a technician to come around and give a thorough inspection of the system.If there are no issues discovered at this time, then the power flushing process can be performed. There aren't too many cases in which power flushing can be done on its own without first having other issues fixed.

Where and how should the magnetic filter be installed?

A magnetic filter may be placed directly in front of the cold feed pipe to the boiler or directly behind the boiler. It may also be placed downstream of the hot water tank if your system has one.If you have an external cold water filter fitted you might want to remove it, and fit the magnetic filter in its place. This is because some external cold water filters are very efficient. Our Westbourne plumbers can advise you further on 01903 680534.

What Is A Magnetic System Filter?

The magnetic system filter is made of a large magnet with mooring holes. It is fitted downstream of the pressure reducing valve and upstream of the domestic hot water cylinder. They are also known as magnetic sediment traps. The magnetic filter is agitated periodically with a cup that houses an electrically powered pickup coil. This dislodges any build-up.

Do I need a magnetic filter or limescale reducer?

There are several reasons why having a magnetic filter or limescale reducer installed in your boiler is beneficial. One of the reasons is because it will protect your boiler from corrosion caused by limescale. Magnetic filters and scale reducers have been installed in central heating systems for many years. They are designed to scrape off limescale, the dangerous chalk-like build-up of minerals which forms when water sits still inside your heating system. Our blog post today is about the benefits of having a magnetic filter fitted to central heating system and what it is you can expect after our engineers have completed their work.