Magnetic Filtration

Not all magnetic filters are created equal, so make sure before purchasing you get the best for your application and requirements. At Fishbourne & Windsor you'll find a broad range of filters to suit different applications. Use our filters and detailed product comparisons on this page to help you decide which filter is suitable for your application.

What is Magnetic Filtration?

Because the metal of the radiators will over time react with the water in the heating system, rust will occur. A magnetic filter is a powerful magnet inside a bottle fitted to the pipework of the heating generally sited close to the boiler designed to have the system water pass around the magnet to attract ferrous particles and filter them out of the heating system to prevent them from being re-circulated around the system. A magnetic filter removes metal particles and other debris that flow through the pipes and prevents any build-up that could restrict the flow of water through the radiators, circulation pumps and the boiler heat exchanger. Fitting a magnetic filter to your heating system comes with many advantages. Some of these benefits include: increasing the efficiency of the heating system, prolongs the lifespan of the radiators, reduces the risk of damage to the boiler, prevents any potential blockage to the radiator valves, lowers your energy bills, reduces your carbon footprint and some boiler manufacturers increase the warranty if one is fitted. For further information on how to have one of these installed on your heating system, please get in contact.

How does Magnetic Filtration work?

Magnetic Filtration uses magnets, vibration and motion in order to separate particles out of a liquid. It works on the principle that like poles repel, while unlike poles attract. Therefore, when you have two magnetic elements, fluid containing suspended solids such as dirt or rust flow between the two and are trapped in the gap between. While not a replacement for other types of filters, it can be used to “polish” water or remove dirt and rust from liquids.