Combi boilers

Combi boilers are highly efficient and versatile, making them ideal for any sized family. Combis use less fuel than other types of heaters while still allowing you to capitalize on an endless range of energy saving settings and features. They combine the convenience of an instantaneous electric water heater with a much more efficient gas or oil boiler. They use exactly the same amount of energy as a straight electric hot water tap, so are perfect for small family homes. Like electricity, gas or oil combi boilers can be used to heat your home, but also directly heat water for showers and washing machines, they are used by some major national chains to heat hundreds of hotel rooms every day. That doesn't mean they’re not suitable for domestic use though – in fact they’re ideal for households that have different hot water needs throughout the day, and better than running multiple boilers.

Heat-Only boilers

A heat-only boiler can be a reliable choice if you're looking for simple, affordable and efficient heating. Its compact design makes it ideal for smaller homes which are more likely to have less storage space. It's also a good option if you want to use your own electrical supply, as there's no need to run plumbing or gas. Heat-only boilers also start automatically with no need to programme them.

System Boilers

System boilers offer a simple solution to get the most from your heating system. So, if you want to enjoy efficient, economic and easily controlled heating system with a versatile range of options for virtually any heated space, then System boilers are for you. They are available in capacities from 12kW to 60kW and heat multiple rooms through radiators or underfloor heating. System boilers use less energy than an electric storage heater because they're either attached directly to a gas supply or linked directly to your mains supply via a safety isolating transformer.